Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oh boy.
I just had the pleasure of reading post I wrote before school went back for this term.
Here are some highlights:
Blog post:"I'm going to get fit and healthy again (YES I MEAN IT)"
Reality: I've been snacking on crap 24/7, and the only exercise I've been doing is walking between classes. As a result of eating crap, I feel like crap, so I went to Coles with Mum and we just filled a trolley with....wait for it.....HEALTHY THINGS *gasp*. This week is Chloe's Detox Week. 
Blog post: "I'm going to deactivate my Formspring (I don't even know why I have it)"
Reality: Still have my Formspring, still don't know why I have it. I rarely go on it anymore anyway so I guess there's no point in me deleting it. It's always there for entertainment I guess!

However, as I was reading through that post there were a few occasions where I gave myself a mental pat on the back-I ACTUALLY DID SOME OF THE THINGS!
Blog post: "Start yoga again (I don't know why I stopped)"
Reality: Youuuu guessed it! I am yet to book in. With exams next week, I'm going to call up my yoga place tomorrow and book in for Wednesday's class. SEE! I AM CAPABLE OF DOING SOME THINGS I SAY I WILL! 
Blog post: "Improve my time management (The last week of last term was a tad of a wake-up call, no?)"
Reality: I'm proud to say that my time management has improved! I've been writing schedules for every day, and, dare I say it, HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN FOLLOWING IT! CHLOE IS GETTING THINGS DONE!
Blog post: "SIGNIFICANTLY decrease my Facebook usage"
Reality: I got Mum to change my password. BAM. No more Facebook for Chloe until trials are over.

Speaking of trial examinations, if you are reading this and you are in year 12 in Australia, GO AND STUDY. Log out of Facebook and FACE your BOOKS. Wow that sounded funnier in my head. Apologies.