Monday, August 1, 2011


Blogspot kindly informed me that last month saw the highest number of people read my blog ever.....WOWZAAA.
I'm still in shock that so many people actually care (to an extent) about what a not-very-wise, emotionally unstable, 17 year old coffee addict from Sydney has to say! All I have to say is YOU ARE AWESOME.

On the bus this afternoon there was a picture of Bear Grylls (so sexy), which got me thinking about his TV show (Yes, I had a phase where I would watch it all night with my little brother), which got me thinking about him eating disgusting things which got me thinking about the video that I have posted below. Watch it or die.

P.S. My little brother just read this post and said sadly "Why didn't you say that I was sexy? I'm the sexy one, not Bear Grylls". He is 10 years old. I have taught him well.