Sunday, August 7, 2011

PRE-EXAMS: Chloe's weekend in reviews this weekend was not at all jolly, except for a few minor exceptions. Here my weekend in bullet points:
- My weekend largely consisted of lots and lots and lots and lots of study. A lootttt of study. As in 10 hours on Saturday alone. I think I am entitled to bragging rights for nerd-dom.
-Went on a trip to Officeworks with Dad and went over board with buying cool pens for exams. Seeing as though I'm writing 15 essays/creatives, I believe a sturdy pen is crucial. That's what year 12 does to you-you learn to appreciate nice pens. I spend a good deal of time laughing in Officeworks (Yes, you are entitled to a laugh or two in year 12) at some of the names of the pens. What ever happened to just calling a pen a pen? Black or Blue? According to Officeworks, I'm doing these exams with a '1.2mm Atlantic BIC'.
-I had lunch with my uncle who was out from Switzerland, and told me that he is friends with the manager of Boy and Bear. FIEUSGHSUIDFGHIFDUSGH. HUIGRHGIUSDHG.
-My little brother came home from the shops with a can of Lynx. He's in year 5. I asked him why he got it, and he said "To make me smell nice". He then sprayed it onto his wrist thinking that you apply deodorant like you apply perfume. So much love.
-I AM SO ANGRY THAT THEY ARE SPLITTING UP THE MASTERCHEF GRANDFINAL AND PUTTING AN EPISODE OF THE PATHETIC SHOW 'THE RENOVATORS' IN BETWEEN'. It almost makes me not want to watch the grandfinal in protest. But I will anyway, because I'm addicted and I can't help it.
-I can't believe the media circus surrounding the poor girl who had the bomb strapped to her neck. She wants to get on with her life, so how is a daily reminder of the event that comes with the media pack camped outside her house going to help her move on? The attention should be focused on the issue of extortion and finding the perpetrator, not that the victim went for a swim at 6.30 in the morning with a 'male companion'. At the press conference her Dad said that they want to get on with their lives as normal, and then on the NATIONAL news the next day there is a video of him collecting the newspaper in the morning in his pajamas. Seriously?
-I listened to the song below and my ears nearly started crying-LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING! It gets worse as it progresses. It's amazing how a pop star can nearly ruin one of your favourite songs. Thaaaannksssss 'Jessie J'. It's so obvious that she's attempting to show off as much as her voice as possible-it's almost like musical vomit.  It wouldn't be half as bad if she left out off the wanky, unnecessary "oh yeah" "oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah". Lol.