Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm still trying to comprehend what's currently happening in London and around England. The images on the news are images of total chaos and disorder, and it seems as though what began it all in the first place has now become irrelevant. On the news, I'm watching videos of kids younger than me breaking into shops, and people of all ages completely destroying the fabric of the life in which they live. I'm just hoping that the government addresses what started it all in order to put an end to this before the rioting infects even more of England and even more damage is made as a result of this looting.

On a less dark note, MY ENGLISH TRIALS ARE OVER. Well advanced English anyway. We had paper 1 on Monday, in which we were examined on the core module, Belonging, and one of the unseen texts that we had to write about was regarding pragmatic politics and Earth Hour. If you can tell me how that relates to belonging, I'll give up my Muse tour t-shirt (Jks....but seriously). Today we were examined on everything else, and I ACTUALLY MANAGED MY TIME! The Hamlet question was pretty difficult, so how does Chloe deal with difficult questions? I write down every single damn thing I know about Hamlet, whether it's relevant or not! Yay for ineffective but all the more reassuring exam tactics!

I rarely trawl Youtube (only during exams when I'm locked out of FB), and I came across this video of a girl's cover of Hide and Seek. She has succcchhh an amazing voice, and her piano arrangement of the song is equally amazing. Listen to the whole thing-it gets better as it progresses!