Saturday, August 13, 2011


Survive double exam day: CHECK! WOOOOOOOOOOOO
So yeah, on Friday I wrote out 7 essays, all in the name of trials. Wasn't too pleasant; so glad it's over.

Want to know what was equally unpleasant? My decision to follow Dad to his session with his personal trainer this morning. I nearly died. So. Unfit. I couldn't even do a girly push-up. The events of this morning inspired me to start exercising properly again so next week won't be as hell-ish! OPERATION GET FIT PHASE ONE INITIATED.

After training, Phoebe and I walked to Edmunds, and when we were walking past the shops on the way home, my yoga instructor ran up to us and asked if we would like to start babysitting her daughter every Saturday. HELLOOOOO MONEY FOR AMERICA!

Now for some random thoughts:
1. I've been reading Tony Blair's autobiography 'A Journey'. I began reading it because I thought it would be useful for Modern history (for the Northern Ireland peace process topic), and he writes so well I couldn't put it down. Literally.
2. Jennifer Hawkins=??????!! Saw pictures of her on the Myer catwalk and she literally looks like a barbie. She's had so much work done to her face that she's almost unrecognisable. It's kind of hilarious but scary at the same time.
3. The photos from Kate Moss's wedding are so beautiful...if I ever happened to get married I would basically just copy the whole wedding. Minus the druggo husband.

P.S. For your own entertainment. How ironic that she performed on 'America's GOT TALENT'. Tro