Monday, August 22, 2011


I SURVIVED MY HSC TRIAL EXAMINATIONS! Does that make up for my lack of posts? I am spending my first night of freedom writing this, having a bath, and watching Lost in Austen with Mum. Sounds geewwwwddd to me.

I haven't posted for a while (as we have previously established), and lot's of things have happened. I shall proceed to list them in bullet-points.

  • I had my extension history exam. Not fun. 190% not fun. Add three zeros to that number and it will not capture the un-funness of the exam. For the first essay, we had to incorporate a source that was half a page long, and the only part I understood was the first sentence. For the second essay, I had write about historical re-interpretations of convict women in relation to the quote "Truth is always history's first casualty". I would rather lay on a bed of nails whilst watching slugs hump each other than re-live that exam experience.
  • The train trip on the way home from that exam DEFINITELY made up for the horrors I had recently endured. Defintely. Made. Up. For. It. Phoebe and I were sitting in a double-seater going through our legal text-books (legal was our next exam) and a young gorgeous guy sits down opposite us. He points to Phoebe's legal text book and asks in a really thick (and equally gorgeous) American accent "Are you two students of the law?". We got talking and eventually I ask "Which Uni are you at?". And he goes "I'm on exchange for a semester at UNSW, but I'm a first year Harvard Law School student. Have you heard of it?" HAVE I &^%$&*% HEARD OF IT. HAVE I *&^%&*^ HEARD OF HARVARD &^*&%$# LAW SCHOOL. Yeah, turns out he is a "student of law" at Harvard Law School. For the rest of the train trip home he helped us (YES HE HELPED US-A HOT YOUNG HARVARD LAW STUDENT HELPED US YIPPEEEEE) with our essay plans for international law. When he got up to get off at the station to go back to his host family, he said "Good luck with your exams girls. Who knows, maybe I'll see you again at Harvard". I was still stuttering/blushing long after that station. Still feeling like that now actually. Needless to say, my life is complete. 19700% complete. 
  • Dad booked my return ticked home from LA for when I finish school. Window seat, and lands early in the morning of the 7th of December. It's all becoming real! Weeeooww.
  • Had my legal studies exam today, and for an essay component basically we have to talk about international law in relation to what's happening in the world right now. That means having to continually update my essay so it isn't branded as 'outdated'. One of the things I focus on in my essay are the events that are occuring in Libya as we speak. I went to bed happy knowing that my essay is up to date, stating that the UN has spoken with the rebels and the regime and are hoping for a "peaceful transition", and then I come downstairs this morning, to find that while I was asleep the rebels had nearly overthrown Gaddafi with the capital torn apart by violence. Nootttttt so peaceful. That means re-writing that part of the essay. 
  • I don't know how it happens, but after every set of exams I always find myself following Phoebe around the city watching her shop. Today she found (well I found it for her because I'm just an all-round amazing shopping partner) her formal dress and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Took one-to-many photos on my phone of it. 
  • I'm obsessed with the website ASOS (click it to go to the website). I've JUST made an account, but am attempting to have some control on my behaviour by only purchasing a hat. It is a very nice had indeed. A red, brim hat. SOOOO NICE. I've been wanting one for a million and a half years. 
  • Who else agrees that the clip below is the best ending credits (from Tropic Thunder) ever in a movie? I still haven't managed to watch it without laughing. Tom Cruise is actually a legend.