Thursday, August 25, 2011


(If you're not quick-minded, I'm referring to the 'DAY 1' of the blog challenge that I announced yesterday).
And may I say, it is quite a fine day indeed to be beginning a challenge. WHY???? You may ask. WHYYYYY IS IT SUCH A GOOD DAY TO BEGIN A CHALLENGE ZOMG?? Well, my friend, I'll put an end to your suspense. 
I OFFICIALLY HAVE NO MORE DRAMA PRACTICALS! Now you're probably looking around thinking "Cool....what ever that means....I'm going to click cross on this blog and read something else". If you're still reading, I'll explain. MY HSC DRAMA PERFORMANCE WAS TODAY! Yep, no more practical drama for me! I was SO NERVOUS before both my group performance and my monologue (I become a nervous wreck and pace back and forth silently), but once I got in the room all the nerves all but evaporated because the markers were so lovely! Both performances went so fast and I'm so glad that it's finito! No more playing a crazy lady from New York or a left-wing feminist in the Cold War!

DAY 1: Introduce yourself and say 10 weird facts about yourself
Oh Hai dere. The name's Chloe. I'm a 17 year old teenager based in Sydney, Australia, Planet Earth, The Universe, etc etc. I can't play a guitar but one day plan to, drink too much coffee, love history, being sarcastic, internet shopping, want to travel around the world like every other reasonably sane teenager, music, dream about going to Glastonbury Festival and watching Muse perform on the Pyramid Stage, Harry Potter (that's a given), being a drama kid, frolicking in fields and being overly optimistic about life in general. 

1. I'm a terrible sleepwalker. Mum used to have to write it on camp forms. I've unlocked doors, sprinted down streets, thrown a bottle of coke at someone's head and have screamed at my Dad saying "I NEEEDD TO GOOOO TO WORRRRKKKK!!!", despite me not having a job. He said to me "You've been sacked" to try and get me to shut-up, and he said that I simply said "Oh", and went back to my bed and that's that.
2. I used to teach myself Spanish off the internet on a regular basis, to the point where I could actually win an argument with all the rude comebacks I knew.
3. I play "fruit ninja" upside down on my iPhone.
4. My twin sister and I used to play the same kid on a TV show when we were very tiny.
5. I eat apples really weirdly. I bite a chunk off, then hold it and munch it separately. 
6. I've only ever gotten one type of drink for the three years I've been going to Easyway-Honeydew blended ice with grape jelly.
7. I have two dogs- one called Mr Darcy of Oatley (my Mum's obsessed with Pride and Prejudice), and Daisy (after the character in the Great Gatsby)
8. I have an obsession with Neenish Tarts, but I always eat everything in it except the jam.
9. I am a pro at the Wiki Game. 
10. I find Alan Rickman extremely attractive (The weird part is that he's only two years younger than my grandma).

If you don't think that I'm a sleepwalking, spanish-speaking, grandpa-loving weirdo, and feel like a laugh, then watch the video below. It is actually hilarious. WATCH THE ENTIRE THING! It gets absolutely hilarious after 2.30.