Saturday, August 27, 2011


Day 2: Your first love
The skater boy from Jimmy Neutron, when I was 10 years old. (FYI: This "skater boy" is fictional and animated). I thought he was so cool and I had a poster of him in my bedroom.

My most recent love?
MR BINGLEY FROM LOST IN AUSTEN. Basically Lost in Austen is about a girl obsessed with Pride and Prejudice who enters the world of the book through a cupboard in her bathroom (kind of like Narnia). The catch is that Elizabeth Bennet goes into her life, kind of like an exchange. So yeah, I'm pretty much all but in love with Mr Bingley (whatever love is). Below is a picture of him. Please admire.
Since finishing Lost in Austen, it inspired me to buy Pride and Prejudice. That's what I did today (as well as check out some universities which where having open days. I'm in love with the University of Sydney, and I'm about 99% set on a course. CAN'T WAIT FOR UNIIIIII!!!!). Why can't guys in today's society be like the men in Pride and Prejudice. WHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. WHY WHY WHY WHY.