Monday, August 29, 2011


Day 3: Your parents
Mum: Is in love with Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (so much so that she named our dog after him), obsessed with ABBA, a fellow coffee addict, loves all things Disney, is all-round loveable, writes messages in permanent markers on my bananas for school with messages such as "Have a WONDERFUL day!", goes a bit crazy when she has had too many marshmellows, is a pro at Singstar (she's gotten "Legend"), and is one of my best friends (cheesy but true).
Dad: A crazy (well not extremely crazy) scientist, very forgetful (has done things such as driven his car into work, forgotten that he did so and caught the train home), is a fantastic cook, hilarious, extremely intelligent and incredibly fun to be around. Don't particularly know what I'd do without him and Mum.

So today was spent:
-Reading Pride and Prejudice
-Going for a stroll in Surry Hills before school and bought a coffee from the hipster cafe complete with hipster waiters
-Sat in class watching movies, and doing absolutely nothing now that exams are over. Nooottt complaining! It's daaa llyyffeee!
-In my double free, my friends and I went for a walk to Bourke St Bakery. I've always heard people talk about it but had never actually been there. Went there. Ate a chocolate tart. Life changed.
-Went to the dentist. Relatively non-eventful.
-Watched one too many episodes of Friends. ILY ROSS!
-Thought about the fact that I'm going to America in less than 3 months and have so far saved ZILCH money. Hmmmm.
-Am now sitting at the computer Tumblring (Yes, I have made it a verb).
-I was just reading through old posts (I recommend that you all do so-it's hilarious. Just click a random date to the left of this post). I wrote this on the last day of last year: I actually burst out laughing at the fact that I actually managed to survive doing 3 major works.

  • 4 Unit English- finish reading Hope and Memory and also read the two bought books.
  • History Extension- START WRITING
  • Drama: find A BLOODY MONOLOGUE (or try and write one....?), do practice HSC papers, and read the millions and millions of booklets Surbs printed out for us