Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 4

Day 4: A song to match your mood
The one in Shrek, where Donkey sings "I'm all alone, with no-one here beside me". "WHHYY THIS SONG CHLOE!????", your brain may be screaming in suspense. Well, my friend:
I was locked outside this afternoon. From the time I arrived home from school until 6.00pm. SIX 'O' *&%$&*& CLOCK. And it was absolutely freezing. Oh, and I had no food. Oh, and I hadn't eaten since recess. Oh, AND I COULDN'T EVEN FEEL MY FINGERS BECAUSE IT WAS SO COLD. OH. OH.

Despite the hell I endured for close to 3 hours this afternoon, today wasn't all too bad. Actually, it was very enjoyable. I started off the day with a great coffee, and then at school got the majority of my exams back. I have to say that getting surprisingly good results back in subjects which you genuinely thought you failed may or may not be one of the best feelings in the universe.

Now to continue reading Pride and Prejudice and stalking videos fresh from Reading Festival of Two Door Cinema Club and Muse. Sound geeewwdd to me!