Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend mega-post.

Day 5: Something you're afraid of
I used to freak out whenever I was in a car going over a bridge, but I've gotten over that. I also used to have a REALLY bad fear of heights, but when I was at Disneyland I made myself go on the Tower of Terror, and since then I've been fine. Kewl stori bro.

NOTE: I intentionally didn't put an apostrophe in "Fathers" (in the title of this post) because WHERE IS IT SUPPOSED TO GO!? Before the "s"? NO. After the "s"? NO. So let's just avoid it all together to save me from grammatical damnation if I were to place the apostrophe in the wrong spot? YES.


Friday alone was quite jam-packed and fun-filled (yes, jam-packed and fun-filled). I got the last of my trials results back, English Extension, and I was actually relatively happy with them! Just glad the trials are now done and gone!  After school, I went to buy some new jeans. I brought my friend Alex, and I felt really sorry for her because I took such a long time going through all the different types of jeans. This is where I plan to begin my rant for this blog post: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO JUST NORMAL JEANS!? I've always bought Levi skinny jeans. Nice and Easy. Find the style, find my size, buy. But no, Levis, in attempting to make their jeans avaliable to a wider market, have made it impossible for me to buy their jeans. I walked into David Jones, went straight to the Levi's section, and was met with their new "CURVE ID" range. If I have a larger ass, I buy one type, another type for big hips, and the list goes on. The problem was:
a) There were no normal skinny jeans for girls who don't have the qualifications for the other jeans (I.e. curves in one place or another).
b) I really liked the colour of the skinny jeans for the "DEMI" girls (I.e. girls with big hips). I don't have big hips, so none of them fitted me, which means that I couldn't get them. Basically there was ONE style which was for girls who aren't particularly curvy, and it wasn't even nice. Moral of the story? I bought the best jeans ever from Lee. Super skinny and a really nice colour.

After my jeans disaster, I went out for dinner for my friend's18th to an awesome place on Darling Harbour. The metre-long pizza's were amazing (especially the garlic chicken!). We then went to an insanely awesome karaoke place where I sung so many songs that I sounded like a 134 year old horse by the time I walked out. Upon walking out, I realised that the windows of our karaoke room were not tinted, so everyone on one of the busiest streets in Sydney could see in. That is, see my belting my heart out and dancing on tables.  I CAN NEVER SHOW MY FACE ON THAT STREET AGGGAAAAIIINNNN. On Saturday night, I went out for dinner with my extended family. I love interrogating younger cousins about their love lives.

Today has been awesome too. We woke up and had a Fathers Day breakfast (with cinnamon French toast and strawberries), and went to the Royal National Park. It was only when we had parked that Mum broke the news that we were going on a 4 HOUR HIKE. FOUR. HOUR. HIKE. You all know how unfit I am, and thus how horrified I was at the thought of having to move my legs constantly for 4 hours. Last time I went hiking it was in some mountains in California (where they filmed part of The Parent Trap), and since there were bobcats and bears, the people walking at the front and back of the hiking group had to carry guns. Yeah, wasn't too relaxing.
But today's hike was actually really enjoyable. The surrounds were so beautiful- the landscape changed from bushland, to desert scrubs, to the cliff tops. We found a beautiful creek which I'm going to remember for Summer- it was about 2 metres deep and crystal clear, with running water. By the end of the hike however, I was feeling pretty faint because I had run out of water and had only eaten two apples. Moral of the story: After a long hike eat a large McChicken meal. Fast food never tasted sooooo good.

I also found this beautiful photo on Dad's camera from when he visited my uncle who lives in Geneva, Switzerland. My uncle lives in one of the apartments across the river. SO. JEALOUS. Definitely paying him a visit when I have the $$.