Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Day 6: Something that you're looking forward to
I'm going to state the obvious: FINISHING SCHOOL!
The HSC is next month, and after a few weeks into it, I'LL BE FINITO! Then it'll be the time for schoolies, formals, FLYING TO THAAA YIEW-ESH-AAYY (USA), Christmas, New Years, and UNIIIII.
I just finished my personal statement for my scholarship application and it was a pretty weird feeling reflecting on everything that I've done throughout high school, and thinking about how close the end is. I know throughout the whole year I've been prepared to leave, but now it's sprung up on me and it's actually really sad! That said, Uni is going to be equally, if not more awesome.

Now for my post in relation to the title of this post (Yes, I like typing "post"). Throughout the past week I've released my inner fan-girl for three separate subjects:
1. One Direction: While they're songs are typical crappy boy-band pop, their music is ENJOYABLE crappy boy-band pop. Oh, and one of the singers, Harry, is 5 days older than me and has a beautiful voice and is generally beautiful and..and I'll stop now to save myself from further humiliation.Chloe? Liking a boy-band? Pffffftttttt no....*shifty eyes*
2. Boost Juice: For the past week Boost Juice have been doing daily challenges which you can do to get a free drink. Being the stingy student/Boost Juice loving weirdo I am, my friends and I have been just about every day to get free Boosts. I've sung "Fruit Salad" by the Wiggles, danced to "Can't Touch This", said "Fried fresh fish, thick thistle sticks, Barry's bright Boost bananas" five times in a row without a mistake, and today mimed being a blender for 30 seconds. There's not much I wouldn't do for free food.
3. Ban Ki-Moon: I was staying at my friend's apartment last night, and we saw a giant police escort pull up outside the Opera House. We ran into the Opera House to see if we could see anyone famous, without success. We went back outside, and stalked the number plates of some of the cars of the entourage which were parked, and we noticed that they said "Visitor of Australia", with special flags and all. Hanging around trying to find out who was inside, we asked a nice-looking granny if she knew, and all she said was "Have a nice night", and walked off. A bit disheartened, we went back to the apartment to get dinner ready, and when we went out to eat it on the balcony ALL THE CARS WERE NOW PARKED OUTSIDE THE APARTMENT! Turns out this mystery "famous person" was dining at Aria, the restaurant below my friend's apartment. Basically the end of the story revolves around us stalking the entourage for an hour and a half, and then at 11.30, in the span of about 30 seconds, Ban Ki-Moon comes out of the restaurant and into an awaiting car. COOL OR WHAAAAT!?!!?