Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stories of a high school graduate...

Here is a 'BULLET-POINT UPDATE' on the life of Chloe, the high school graduate as of two days ago.

  • After watching Ratatouille whilst babysitting yesterday, I decided that I'm going to learn to cook. There, I said it. I'M GOING TO LEARN HOW TO COOK. It dawned on me that with my cooking skills (or profound lack thereof), how am I going to survive when I move out? No Chloe, you can't eat two minute noodles and microwavable soup for breakfast lunch and dinner every day. 
  • I've become addicted to TapTap. It's kind of embarrassing. Minus the 'kind of'. I think anyone would agree that getting 95% on 'Extreme' mode is pure embarrassment, and a sign that I should stop playing before my fingers fall off. 
  • I've started studying for my final exams. I'm putting in the extra effort because we're on the 'final home stretch' of Year 12. I've written out a timetable that lasts until the end of the HSC called the 'HSC STUDY TIMETABLE: THE 2011 DO OR DIE EDITION'. The real challenge is to actually STICK TO IT.
  • Mum and Dad are on a romantic getaway for their wedding anniversary, so my grandparents are looking after Chris (little brother), Phoebe and I. Last night we were playing cards, and it's a joke within our family that Nan always cheats at cards (She doesn't actually cheat, that's why it's funny). I joked last night that if I speak at her funeral, I'll ask everyone to remember her as the "One who cheated at cards". Nan's response was priceless. She said "Chloe if you do that, I'll haunt you in your bed. Not scary haunting, but cuddle-haunting". Looking forward to future 'Haunting cuddles' with Nan. 
  • I also had the BEST conversation with my little brother. Finally I've got the chance to play the 'cool' big sister. He told me that he really likes a girl called Ruby, but also that she doesn't like him back, and he wants me to help her like him. Tomorrow Chris and I are riding our bikes secretly to her house and leaving a little bunch of lavender tied with a ribbon on her doorstep!
  • Remember how I wrote about the band One Direction, that I'm fan-girling over? Well Phoebe and I found the most HILARIOUSLY LAME fan Tumblr, called 'Cute1DFantasies'. Click here to experience it's lameness. Basically it's a Tumblr that 13 year olds write into describing their 'cute fantasies', and the person who runs the Tumblr publishes them in 'cute colours and fonts'. Phoebe and I found it's lameness so hilarious that we were nearly crying of laughter, and as a joke we wrote in with the lamest, 'cute fantasies' we could think of, just to see if they would get published. They did. SUCH A WIN! The one that I submitted that got published was a paragraph that was entirely one sentence. Wiewwww. 
  • I found the piece that the chamber orchestra played at my graduation on Thursday. It's so beautiful hguipsdhtgpdfuojsgnds. Please ignore the random pictures displayed throughout the video (...?)