Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time to say goodbye.

Tomorrow I begin my final week of school. WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH #fml.

I've been thinking for a while about what to write here, in regards to the end of high school. Do I write about what I'm going to miss? Low points? High points? Today I'll begin with "What I'm going to miss".
-First and foremost, my friends. Without friends, I'd be nowhere.
-The relationships that you have with teachers in year 12. They're more friends than teachers.
-Having somewhere to go every day-having school as a security blanket. Next year I could sit at home watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians for the entire day if I wanted to. NO CHLOE, NO.
-Buying $2 strawberry frozen yoghurt from the canteen on hot days.
-The common room. Dirty fridge, hot wall and poisonous heater included.
-My coffee parents at Central Station. I still don't know their names after 3 years.
-Spending free periods trawling the Top Shop and ASOS websites, but never buying anything.
-The tension when the final bell is about to go, and everyone is preparing to run for the first bus.
-That feeling of satisfaction when you finish a set of exams.
-Being a high school senior in general. Nothing is as liberating as wearing a year 12 jersey.
-My subjects. My major works were my babies, and I am really passionate about my subjects. It's sad that now it all comes down to a few final exams.
-Providing free therapy to each other!
-Walking to Fox Studios, buying $2 boiled rice and Subway cookies, and eating them on the grass.
-Free periods in the common room when the grade has maths.
-My year group. I couldn't have asked for a happier, more wonderful bunch of girls to spend the latter part of my high school career with.
-Buying $1.20 pink cupcakes every afternoon.
-Drooling over boy-bands.
-SCHOOL. Everything about it. I spent the majority of my junior years complaining about it, but now that it's actually coming to an end I've realised how lucky I've been.

-The uniform. It quite literally looks like a piece of shit.
-The bus-stop in the morning. There's nothing quite like 14 year old boys pushing and shoving their way onto the bus to start your morning. Last week the bus driver told them to let a group of girls on first, and one shouted "WHY!?".
-Exam periods. Enough said.
-Hot days in class with no air-conditioning (public schools 4lyfeee xoxo).
-Angry teachers.
-The night before an assignment is due.
-Morning classes (having to catch a 7.00 train to get there).
-Not having enough money to buy a coffee.
-Annoying junior students.
-Those days when you have zero motivation.

We had our muck-up assembly on Friday, complete with a dubstep cover of our school song, our skit "Finding Mimmo" (of which I was the narrator), our own version of "Under the Sea", and an emotional medley of songs at the end. The theme was "Oceans 11" (Because we are the class of '11..derrrp), so we all looked pretty cool in our sea-themed costumes. I was Mamma Mermaid, and wore the mermaid tail that I wore to my 5th birthday party (don't ask), a stupid hat, and an apron with dolphins on it. I'm really cool.

Yesterday my friend Cam got married, and it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL weddings I have ever seen. The church was just like the one which I posted a while ago (where Kate Moss got married), and the amazing weather made the scenery look like it was out of a fairy tale. Oh, and Cam looked INCREDIBLE! If I ever get married I'm just going to show a wedding planner a picture of Cam's wedding and say "do this kthnxbi".

I hope that you all click cross on my blog right now and go out and enjoy the sunshine (if you live in Sydney). STOP BEING A CYBER HERMIT AND LIVE LIFE! (I should really take my own advice). Today was semi-productive though- I wrote a giant list of things to do in the period between the end of the HSC and the commencement of uni. It's going to be awesome. Enough said.

P.S. I absolutely love a good cartoon. This one is wonderful! It's exactly what I think about when I sit out and look at the stars (yes, I know that I'm lame). Star-watching really puts things in perspective.

P.P.S. Click here for an amazing audition on the X-Factor! She's incredible.