Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ok, so I'm about 99% sure this is the longest I have ever gone without updating my blog. I kind of feel like a parent who has neglected their children.
1. Hmmmm let's see.....MAYBE THE FACT THAT MY HSC STARTS IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!????? Yeah, this time in two weeks I would have finished my first HSC exam. Scary thought, but what's a tad more exciting is that this time in a MONTH, I'll be enjoying my first day of freedom! 
2. Study
3. Study
4. Busy stalking One Direction (Yeah....going through a bit of a boy-band phase. However, I believe that no teenage girl should be deprived of the 'fangirling phase. Take it as you will). 
5. Study

So yeah, I hope I have sufficiently justified my lack of presence. However, due to my lack of updates I have quite a lot to say in this post (please excuse my bullet-pointing which has become a common sight on this blog...if they continue feel free to give me a cyber-slap):
1. SHANE WARNE AND ELIZABETH HURLEY GETTING ENGAGED?? I don't really know what to write apart from an excessive amount of exclamation and question marks. He is probably one of the most revolting people on the planet-just look at the plastic surgery he's had since he's started dating her. Oh wait, sorry, he said that his physical changes (which have made him look like a life-size Ken doll gone wrong) are merely results of him using a great "skin creme that Elizabeth put me onto!". I'm pretty sure no-one is going to want to buy that skin creme if it makes us look like that....
2. I saw a great movie last night called Crazy Stupid Love. I watched the trailer before I went, and it looked kind of boring, but I'm all for shallow romantic comedies (especially when you're an emotionally unstable HSC student). I chose the movie, and before it started I whispered to Phoebe and Eleni "If it's a piece of crap, I apologising in advance!". When the movie finished, we were all so surprised at how funny/enjoyable it was. Not only is Ryan Gosling a B-A-B-E, but it's just a fun, not-too-deep-not-too-shallow movie. High fives all round.
3. I've discovered the best pen in the world, and I've ordered Dad out to buy 6 packets of them for my HSC. They're the...prepare for wanky pen name...BIC 4+ 05. You actually get addicted to writing with it (or maybe it's just me), and I used up 2 pens in two days just from writing everything out because it's just so fun to write with.
4. Collingwood lost the grand final. We had an E-P-I-C grand final party, with black and white food, streamers, and balloons....and then they lost. My little brother, who is the most DEDICATED Collingwood fan (he even has Collingwood undies), was lying in front of the TV crying, saying "Collingwood how *sniff* could you *sniff*  do this to meeeeee *sniff*"
5. My idiocy was highlighted when I did my university preferences. Only after I had submitted them did I realise that
a) The lowest entry ATAR I had on it was 94
b) For I put the wrong code, which meant a random course was put on my preferences
Luckily I was able to log back on the next day and fix everything. Submitting them was scary....I finally had to face what I want to do with the rest of my life. I'm really happy with my preferences (I'd love any of them), but the courses I REALLY want to get into have very high entry ATARS, and when I was submitting these courses I realised how much pressure I've put on myself. I guess a bit of pressure can be advantageous, but I've got to be careful not to stress myself out too much!

Anywho, I'm off to study some more (JUST THINK CHLOE IN ONE MONTH IT'LL BE ALL OVER!!! W0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0), and I'll remain in hibernation until tonight, when I'm going out for dinner, and then will retreat back to my cave until Friday, for a friend's barbeque.
Love your hibernating friend,