Saturday, October 29, 2011

Letter of hate to Extension English

I do not care about Textual Dynamics I do not care about Foucault’s notion of the shifting identity I do not care about Derrida’s theory of differénce I do not care about Judith Butler’s theory of gender as a performance I do not care about Sally Potter’s Orlando and if Orlando is male or female I do not care how Calvino utilises metafiction I do not care if he uses playful devices because ultimately it’s just a book and I do not care if Orlando challenges certainties because it’s just a film and watching movies is supposed to be enjoyable.

I can confirm that the subject made me cry yesterday. YES. DID YOU HEAR THAT EXTENSION ENGLISH? YOU CAN CLAIM A CHLOE MELTDOWN. I called my Mum, and you know when people are so nice that they make you cry even more? Yeah, that's what happened. Ten minutes after I hung up, she sent me a text saying "Listen for the doorbell", and when it rung I opened it to find Mum's best friend with a delivery of coffee and macaroons. It did put a smile on my face.

This week is going to be terrible, so I'm going to neglect this blog until Friday. On Friday I'll officially be free and have the freedom to post as much random crap/rants/photos/videos as I want! Wooooo. I should really be studying right now but when Chloe needs to rant, she rants. Until then, read all of my old posts from last year because they're hilariously lame.

Imma miss youse all. Until Friday,
Chloe x

P.S. I have this friend called Chris and he went to the school next door to mine and he's really tall and plays basketball and volleyball (I think?) and is really good at high jump and can jump over bars that are higher than me and he says that I don't mention him on my blog enough so hi Chris, hope you're well and engaging in lots of studying!