Saturday, November 19, 2011


So I haven't posted in about a week....allow me to explain!
Monday night: My formal! Had an awesome hair and makeup dude come to my house who was basically my fairy godmother but in male form, and after looking at my dress he said "Right. We're going for the 'Mad Men' look". He was so awesome and cool and awesome and cool and trendy and hipster and awesome that the afternoon before the formal was subsequently quite awesome indeed. The place where the formal was held was beautiful, and the food was DELICIOUS. Afterwards we headed off to my friend's apartment on Sydney Harbour where we chilled until about 5am. Fun times.
Tuesday: Woke up at 9, and we all went for coffee nearby (after only 4 hours sleep I needed caffeine in me. Did you ever doubt that?). We were walking back to the apartment and then made a spontaneous decision to catch a ferry. Ferry=sitting in sun=sunburn. We decided to get off at Balmain and found Adriano Zumbo's AMAZZZZZINNGGGNGNGNGNGN shop (the amazing deserts guy who's always on Masterchef). For food of that high a quality, the prices are very reasonable (and that's coming from me, a broke/stingy student). Waiting on the warf for a ferry to come and pick us up, we stripped down to our underwear and jumped into the harbour. SO REFRESHING UIGNDF;LKGNDF. It was kind of hilarious/humiliating though when we were waving at a passing ferry dripping wet in our underwear, and then realised that the ferry was indeed our ferry. Geewwwd/awkward times.
Wednesday: I went to my friend's formal, and Eleni kindly lent me her AMAZING dress to wear. It was a really nice night, and the food was equally brilliant, especially the desert which was a mini-tower of ferrer roché (I think that's how you spell it? Oops) ice cream, with berries and cream. Kind of had to restrain myself from eating it in less than 30 seconds.
Thursday night: Friend's 18th/End of HSC party. It was raining at the start so it was so nice when the drizzle which had been going on for the WHOLE DAY came to an end. It was nice to catch up with people I haven't seen in WAY too long, and to celebrate the end of the ACH ESS SEAAAA (HSC)
Friday: During the day Eleni came over and we watched Friends for the majority of the day. This is what post-HSC life is all about. That night I went to another friend's formal, which was held at a place on Darling Harbour. Really good DJ/food/location/people! Also, Cindy lent me her amazing dress (Yes, I am a pro dress-scabber). I wuv generous friends 4lyf333333. The after party finished at about 3, and I started babysitting at SEVEN AM. I was literally struggling to keep my eyes was almost PAINFUL.

So yeah, I think an early night tonight is in order. I'm finishing off my Lord of the Rings marathon with Dad (who is most likely one of the biggest LOTR fans on Earth-he even speaks a bit of Elfish....). Tomorrow I'm packing...and then on 3pm...I'll be hopping on a plane to LAX. SO EXCITEDDDDDDD.

P.S. I hate Glee, but I found out about this Adele mash-up which was number one on iTunes the other day, and I'm kind of in love with it. It gets sooo good at the end! LOVE IT. The choreography is also pretty brilliant.