Thursday, November 10, 2011


So basically I've spent the last couple of days doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and absolutely enjoying the fact that I'm doing absolutely nothing. My new routine is going to Edmunds and Greer in the morning (and sitting in, not getting takeaway because I DON'T HAVE TO RUSH HOME AND STUDY), get a baguette to eat on the way home, put on jazz upon arriving home (I found an old jazz CD in the garage and I must admit that I'M ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED), and then spend the rest of the day reading Fiesta (again, obsessed)/watching Modern Family/going the the beach occasionally/day dreaming about the day Ed Sheeran falls in love with me/going to friend's houses/sleeping. Livin' thaa lyfffee333333.

I was listening to the radio in bed this morning and the issue was raised of students memorising essays for HSC English. It made me realise that it is actually a huge problem...but it's not our problem, it's the Board of Studies' problem. We memorise essays because they really make no effort to create questions where we are forced to write something else, with the exception of the Hamlet question this year. They made out as though we're 'breaking the rules' memorising essays, but it's kind of common sense when you work out that every single question for the past decade are basically the same concept but reworded, with the exception of Hamlet. They also raised the issue of kids memorising essays written by their tutors, essays which a lot of the time kids don't even understand. How hard is it for the Board of Studies to create questions like the Hamlet ones that result in us getting marks that reflect how much we ACTUALLY KNOW about the texts, not how good your prepared response is, regardless of whether you wrote it or not.....

On a lighter note, I'm going to America soon! I'll update my blog over there to let yaaa know how the land of California is. I'll be taking thousands of photos...prepare yourself for a bombardment of images.

ALSO ALSO ALSO....had a bit of a friendly feud with my friend. It was over whether Chris Martin of Coldplay or Matt Bellamy of Muse is a better singer....HOW HARD IS IT TO RECOGNISE THAT MATT BELLAMY IS BETTER IN EVVEERRYY AASSPPEEECCCTTTT! FOUAPFHDGOIFDNSGJSFDO;HGUODFSHG;OSDFNGJOFDN. GSNDFJIGNFD.

P.S. This is hilarious. Skip to 1.20!!

P.P.s. This is actually insanely funny. Omg.