Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Just when I thought I couldn't fall even more in love with him...I see him live.
The performance started at 5pm, so I dragged Phoebe to the city at 12pm where we sat on the grass reading Ernest Hemingway short stories/read the Irish Times at Customs House/drank coffee until people started gathering, including my friend Katharine who HAD WON TICKETS TO HIS (over 18s :( ) GIG A FEW HOURS AFTER THE FREE SHOW! At about 4pm a woman came over and asked us to go around the other side of the Quay, outside the Passenger Terminal. We waited there for a bit...and then....ED SHEEERRAANN ARRIVED.
Not only is this guy AMAZINGLY talented (he just rocked up with a mini guitar thing), he's just such a nice, lovely guy. He had us all singing parts of Give Me Love (which is his favourite song out of all the ones he's written), and had us all yelling "FUCK THE RAIN! WE DON'T CARE" before You need me, I don't need you.  The backdrop of Sydney Harbour was beautiful, which made it all the more better. Oh, and he started off with Grade 8 which is one of my favourites, and before he sung Lego House, he said that in the video clip he had a "fellow ranga play him".
The most touching part was when he explained the story behind A-Team. He wrote it about a young girl who he met when volunteering at a place which houses homeless people throughout Christmas. I've posted the video below (and click on the names of the songs throughout this post, because I've linked it to videos of his performance!)