Friday, December 16, 2011


So it's been a week since I last posted, and quite a lot has happened in that period of time. GOOD STUFF.
1.I wrote my letter to Santa. Yes. What of it. It has now been posted to the North Pole.
2.I got my HSC results on Wednesday morning. They came out at 6am, and Phoebe woke me up at 5.50am. I ran downstairs and sat in front of the computer screen, and I was actually so nervous that my hands were shaking. Kind of pathetic. Anywho, the clock ticked over to 6am and I actually kind of just sat there chickening out of logging in to see my results. Long story short, I logged in and was SO happy with my results. I worked really hard for the HSC (just look at all of my one too many pathetic posts about studying), and it was just such a relief to see that it paid off.
3. At 12pm on Wednesday I was at my friend James' house watching the Shawshank Redemption with a couple of friends, and we realised that the Premier's All Rounder list had been released...and....PHOEBE AND I WERE ON IT! What made me even happier was to see heaps of my friends on the list too! Saahh much happiness.
4. When I got home the Daily Telegraph called, wanting to do an article on Phoebe and I because we are twins (siigghhhh) and both got on the All Rounders list. Click here if you want to read the article!
5. I got my ATAR (the final mark out of 99.95) on Thursday morning, and the funny story is that at the start of Year 12 my English teacher told us that if you stick the ATAR that you want and the ATAR that you don't want next to your desk, you'll get the ATAR that you want (or close enough!). It actually worked! I got above the ATAR that was stuck next to my desk and above the ATAR I had written in my 'Dream Book' (Yes, I have a dream book. Wot of eeet brah), and Phoebe literally got THE EXACT ATAR she had stuck next to her desk for the year, down to the decimal.
6. I died my hair chocolate-brown. It's not that noticeable but I LUV IT.
7. I applied for some jobs! I KIND OF NEED A JOB. YEAH. So I'm happy that I finally applied for some!

So today I'm seeing the movie We Need to Talk about Kevin with Jem (can't wait to see it!), and might hit up Carols in the Domain later on. I love Carols in the Domain, but I don't think that this year's can beat last year's. Josh Groban=Heavenly.