Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The other day I saw We Need to Talk about Kevin with Jem. It's really different to the type of movies I usually watch at the cinemas (I.E. crappy and shallow romantic comedies featuring actors trying and failing to resuscitate their careers/me not having to use my brain to work out what's happening apart from '00mag@wd sh3 kis$ed h3r best friendzzz fiaNce!'). Even though I had read the book, I still found the movie pretty disturbing...not in a 'horror movie' way, but more of a 'I never want to have kids because they might end up like Kevin and kill people' way. However, kudos to the actor who plays Kevin, Ezra Miller, for being a very sexy murderer.

I also saw the movie Arthur Christmas with my little brother. We bought EazyWay, where Christopher experienced his first Honeydew Blended Ice with Grape Jelly (God's gift to Earth in the form of a drink), bought our KFC mini-snack boxes (which, to my horror, have GONE UP IN PRICE), and settled in our seats to watch the movie.I had heard GREAT things about the movie, namely from the Sydney Morning Herald which gave it 9/10 and said that it was one of the best movies to be released this year. When the credits rolled at the conclusion of the film I was pretty disappointed. I don't know what it was about the film that I didn't like, but it just had something missing from it that all the other Christmas films I love have. It was still a great movie, but it just missing that little bit of Christmas magic that's in the others!
1. Polar Express: I LOVE THIS MOVIE A LOT MORE THAN A TEENAGE GIRL SHOULD. It never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit, and the sound track is just beautiful.
2. Love Actually: Need I say more? It's just so funny/adorable/romantic that it never gets old, and the sound track is absolutely AMAZING. I may or may not have decided that if I ever get married I'm walking down the aisle to the Glasgo Love Theme. Click here if you haven't heard it before!. Definitely one of my all time favourite movies.
3. Elf: I don't really know what to say about this insanely brilliant movie apart from the fact that it's an insanely brilliant movie.

I'm not usually the one to watch lots of movies, but today I watched TWO. And, seeing as though today's post is dedicated to movies, I thought I'd mention them. The first movie was Red Dog, and I was so surprised at how good it was! Judging by the average Aussie film, I thought it would be crap. But it wasn't. AUZZZZIE PRIDE 4LYF333! The second film was The Queen...IT WAS SO AMAZING. Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen are such incredibly talented actors-it literally felt as though I was watching Tony Blair and the Queen!