Friday, December 30, 2011

NYE 2011

 Please excuse my week-long absence-I've been busy housesitting/getting sunburnt/seeing The Iron Lady and loving it/relaxing in the spa/meeting up with old friends/watching Friends/having an amazing coffee in Cronulla/reflecting on 2011 like a Grandma sitting on a rocking chair on a veranda. 
Today I was lying in bed and my brain suddenly exclaimed "CHLOE IT'S NEW YEARS EVE AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN UPDATED YOUR BLOG SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT 2011". I thought that it would be pretty funny to go back to last year's 'New Years Eve' post, and see if any of my predictions/resolutions/hopes became a reality.

Here's the main part of last year's post:
For me, while 2011 will have the occasional social gathering, my life will consist of school. I know that sounds depressing, but I don't want any regrets. It's only 3 terms, and after that I have the rest of my life to party as much as I want. I have worked pretty consistently throughout my schooling career and I don't want to let myself down in the final stretch. If my ATAR doesn't reflect how much I have worked I will be pretty disappointed, hence the draining of a portion of my social life. I think that if you are in my position, going into year 12, and hope to get into your desired uni course too, you should take up this mentality. Don't screw things up when it's only 3 more terms! 3 MORE TERMS OF SCHOOL. 80+ YEARS TO PARTY YOUR BRAINS OUT

1. "While 2011 will have the occasional social gathering, my life will consist of school." TICK TICK. School undeniably defined was Year 12 after all. It was both the worst and best year of school that I ever experienced-I had my meltdowns (which came like tsunami waves), was pretty much permanently stressed (kind of signed up for that when I chose to do three major works), and nearly pulled my hair out when it came to the final HSC exams. However it was the happy moments at school that I'll obviously remember for the rest of my life-all of my grade at school becoming closer friends, my relationships with my teachers (some of whom I now consider friends), fan girling over British boy bands, drinking too much coffee, the fun times we had together in the common room, the free periods (involving one too many trips to Bourke Street Bakery), our final week, and opening my HSC results to find that the meltdowns and my permanent state of stress weren't in vain.
2. "I don't want any regrets." and "If my ATAR doesn't reflect how much I have worked I will be pretty disappointed". TICK TICK. It's actually funny, because all throughout the year I remembered writing this here. Whenever I was slacking off, sitting on FB stalking random people, reblogging random photos on Tumblr or any other form of pointless procrastination, I would think about how bad I would feel after the HSC knowing that I would have given that little bit more. Thinking about that definitely helped me give 134%.

Tomorrow I'll write up my 20 New Years Resolutions for 2012. They're more random than the 2011 resolutions, but I'm determined to see them through! I hope you all have an amazing night and an equally amazing 2012. Here's hoping the world doesn't end like that movie says it will ;).
 Thankyou all for putting up with me for another year. Let's see what life throws at me in 2012!