Sunday, January 1, 2012


I had a spectacularly spectacular night on Sydney Harbour! Some friends and I caught the train in to the city, had dinner at Mamak (my new favourite place) and then joined the ocean of people walking down George Street towards Circular Quay. Despite only rocking up to the Harbour at around 8.00pm, we managed to get a PERFECT view of the bridge! The fireworks were incredible and the atmosphere was fantastic. When 2012 was just around the corner and the countdown began, I was SO ready to say goodbye to 2011! It wasn't that the year was bad, it was just that I know that 2012 is going to be so great that I just wanted it to arrive already! The night/morning was the perfect way to begin the year (and was my first every NYE on the Harbour!).
One sad note about the beginning of 2012 is that I have to say goodbye to my 'High School' journal! I got it for my 13th birthday and pretty much wrote in it throughout the whole of my high school career. I wrote my last entry today and it was pretty emotional saying goodbye to the book that I've been writing in since Year 7! Goodbye 'Chloe's Life: Volume 2'!

P.S. I read a HILARIOUS article in the paper today. It's about 'Facebook crimes'! Read all of them-I'm sure many of us are guilty of a few! Click here to read it. 

P.P.S. IN REGARDS TO THE VIDEO BELOW: Even if they're not dating, aren't they the best looking couple ever?