Thursday, February 16, 2012

In other news...

1. I spent Valentines Day conducting major retail therapy with Eleni and Phoebe (which included being given free books by sexy shirtless male models and walking into David Jones and seeing none other than Miranda Kerr), then coming home and lying under my sheets listening to Ed Sheeran and talking to randoms on Omegle about life.
2. Everything I did today was entirely free. I was picked up by friends who paid for my morning coffee, my lunch, TWO games of bowling (both of which I epically failed at) and then got another free coffee at work when I went to pick up my pay! Twas an excellent day at no cost!
3. Speaking of the website Omegle, I have been having a lot of fun on it lately. Basically it's like a chatroom but all it says is 'You' and 'Stranger' so you can be whoever you want and leave at anytime. Usually I pretend to the people I talk to that I'm a 67 year old pirate, and believe it or not, some people don't disconnect upon hearing this information! Unlike freaky chatrooms that we always got warned about in school, you come across some really cool people on Omegle, and I've had some awesome conversations!
4. Today's activity on 'CHLOE'S EPIC BUCKET LIST' (Yes, I added in the word 'Epic' to make it sound more epic) will take place in New York City. Basically all I want to do is jump into a taxi (it has to be yellow like in the movies) and yell "FOLLOW THAT CAR!". It doesn't matter in the slightest who is in the car in front or where they are going. Call me lame but IT WOULD MAKE ME FEEL SO COOL/KIND OF FULFILL MY FANTASY OF BEING IN AN ACTION THRILLER MOVIE! You know you want to do it too!
5. Just when I thought that I couldn't fall even more in love with Ed Sheeran, I hear his cover of Empire State of Mind...I've also fallen in love with his song 'Fall'-so incredibly romantic nfuosdnfjdsnaf. Click here if you want to fall in love with it too!