Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things I have done in the past 50 hours

Again, since I haven't posted in a while my iPhone's 'Notes' are full of things to write on here. PREPARE FOR A MEGA POST. Click here if you want a song to listen to while reading this post!

1. I had an amazing breakfast at a cafe in Marrickville (basically a heart-attack on a plate). I'm talking pancakes, bacon and an overdose of maple syrup...if I drop dead I loved you all! The cafe uses all different china which is a cute idea, and what's cuter is that if you arrive when the place is full they give you a picnic rug so you can enjoy your food at the park across the road!
2. I checked out the markets at Carriageworks, which is basically a whole lot of stalls selling fresh juices, produce, flowers and anything that you can think of that is edible and tasty. The location is really cool too-it's an old train shed! Also, Kylie Kwong has a stall with her husband and as a MasterChef junkie (she was on the show a lot), I must say I was a little bit star struck! I'll definitely be dragging my friends there in the future.
3. After dropping my little cousin off at his tap dancing lessons at Bondi (you should see his tiny little tap shoes...they're so cute I can't help but grit my teeth everytime I see them), I hit up the beach (and forgot to put sunscreen don't need me to tell you what colour my skin is) and then had an earth shattering orange and watermelon juice at a nearby cafe (which despite being tasty, was MASSIVELY over-priced!). It was nice getting out and doing stuff nice and early in the morning rather than lying in bed eating chocolate-chip cookies and trawling Tumblr until lunch like I usually do!
4. I bought Wuthering Heights to add to my collection of Penguin romance novels! I still need to finish reading Jane Eyre though...IT'S SO DAMN LONG!
5. Am now addicted to Mad Men. I may or may not be in love with Don Draper.
6. I went shopping and almost went crazy at Zara when I realised that there was a DOWNSTAIRS section! I always thought that it was just kids clothes downstairs, but I was wrong! Not only are the clothes better downstairs, but there was NO line at the changing rooms and NO line at the cash register!
7. I saw My Week With Marilyn which was so, so, SO great! I was expecting it to be fantastic because it got rated 10/10 by the Sydney Morning Herald, but it totally blew my expectations! Michelle Williams is SUCH an incredibly talented actress!
8. So...I'M KIND OF TURNING 18 ON THURSDAY! I'm so excited, but two days ago I realised that I literally have no ID apart from my year eight ID card and my passport which is about to expire (I've lost everything else!). I should really get my L's so I have some form of proof that I'm over 18! Apart from that little problem, I am SO excited about turning the big ONE EIGHT! As for the day of my actual birthday, Mum told me yesterday to keep the morning free because I have a special 'appointment' (I'll keep you posted if I get any more clues!),maybe going out for high tea in the afternoon, and then I'm having dinner at my favourite restaurant with family! SEWW EXCITED.
9. At dinner last night, I began to wonder who would be on my 'Ultimate Dinner Party' list. So far I have 25 people, and I'm going to post it when I'm done!
10. Today's dot-point off my bucket list is to go cage diving with sharks in South Africa! I'm actually so scared of Great White sharks, but I conquered my fear of heights so I may as well conquer this one!
11. I have just finished off the journal which was supposed to last me the whole of university. WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS! Emotions are quite costly!

P.S. I think I may have stumbled across a picture of my future apartment. THAT VIEW. THAT WINDOW. A girl can dream, right?