Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Actually

I thought that would be an appropriate title to use for this post because:
A) I watched the movie (Love Actually) two nights ago and officially decided that it is my absolutely favourite movie of all time. Everything about it is so funny/perfect/funny/perfect/cute/hilarious/perfect.
B) Valentines Day is next week. I had my first day at work a couple of days ago, and the girl who I was working with asked if I'm doing anything special for Valentines Day. Cue awkward 'forever alone' response.

The past few days have been pretty great. I'm officially halfway through the ninth season of Friends, which is pretty impressive seeing as though I only started watching it with Phoebe and Eleni at the end of the HSC! Now we just have to finish the series before university starts. I don't care if Matthew Perry is almost the same age as my Dad, I'm going to marry him (whether he likes it or not).

Yesterday I headed into the city to conduct some serious 18th birthday shopping with my grandparents. After numerous hours of wandering around the city I finally chose an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS wallet from Mimco. The sad part is that now I have to wait for my birthday to get it! Goodbye crappy American Apparel wallet that is slowly decaying (which is partially my fault-I should really learn to have less coins and chuck my train tickets and receipts out!). I'm also currently compiling a list of bars to go to once I turn the big 18. Most of them are random Irish ones...can't wait!

I am now sitting at home eating brownie mixture and wishing I was at Cronulla drinking a coffee at The Grind (which is, in my opinion, the best coffee in Sydney). To give me something to do, I shall now right about number three on my bucket list:
SEE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS. It may not exactly be a potentially fatal experience like swimming with the killer whales or diving in Bermuda, but in my opinion is equally awesome!

I am now off to watch 'Funny Face' for the very first time.
Lots of love,

P.S. Madonna's half-time performance at the Superbowl was pretty snazzy, but I don't think it could really beat U2's! Beautiful Day is amazing (as usual) and Where The Streets Have No Name whilst the names of the victims of September 11 are projected onto the giant screen is beautiful. Seeing U2 perform live was the first thing to tick off my bucket list-they're actually SO incredibly amazing live...and all the more amazing when you're front row of the mosh (the 10 hour wait definitely paid off, minus my legs nearly falling off!).