Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughts of a tired teenager

I am lying in my bed under the blankets wearing a sweater and tracksuit pants and socks with my big head phones on my head listening to Ed Sheeran sing 'This' and typing this very long sentence on my laptop because it's raining outside and I felt like I needed to write about this moment because I am so relaxed that my eyes are drooping  (is drooping a word?) as I write this and I can hear the rain outside past the music playing through my head phones and hearing rain in the middle of Summer reminded me of how much more I love Winter than Summer and how much I can't wait for Winter to arrive and now I am just typing because pressing the keys is quite enjoyable especially in the darkness of my room even though it's not that dark because my fairy lights are on which actually look quite pretty now that I think about it and now my iPod has moved on to Ed Sheeran's song 'The City' and I hope it changes soon because I don't really like that song as much as I hate to admit it because he's talented and cute and blah blah you get the drift well I hope you do or that's major awkward it's still raining and I'm thinking about whether I turn my laptop off and start watching Lost in Austen because I really do love that mini-series and Mr Bingley is extremely attractive ok I'm really tired when you guys are tired do you start imagining really wierd things because now I'm thinking about what would happen if I walked through the attic door and it was the world of one of my favourite books like Harry Potter ok I'm content now because 'The City' is now over and Lego House has come on and I really do like that song not just because Rupert Grint is in the video clip for it but because the lyrics are really cute and it's fun to sing along to and when I turn it up loud whilst wearing these headphones I can sing and can't hear myself singing because the music is too loud so it's funny because it feels like I don't have a voice 'and out of all these things I've done, I think I love you better now' those lyrics just played in the song and I thought that I'd type them here because sometimes when you hear lyrics and then write them out you can truly apprectiate how awesome they are ok now for a sad story the pen that I've been writing in my journal with for the past three months has run out so now it just feels plain old wrong writing in my journal with a different pen because it has a different look and I don't like that new look it's kind of wierd and if you're still reading this I wish I could ask you who you are and why you care about my tired thoughts but for your information I just turned the music off so I could focus my attention on the sound of the rain and the sound of my fingers pressing the keys which is actually now getting on my nerves so I think that I'm going to turn my computer off now like I said I would many words ago and watch Lost in Austen or Funny Face which will be very nice because I like watching movies when it's raining outside.

The End.