Friday, March 30, 2012

Definition of a shitty day:

29th of March 2011 
To kick off the day, I woke up with a sore neck from sleeping in an awkward position (or perhaps unknowingly went on another one of my many sleepwalking adventures....?). After a coffee from Edmunds and Greer which I must admit was pretty good, I got home to work on my essay on the Fifth Crusade. "Rightio", I thought to myself. "I've had a fantastic coffee and now I'm nearly finished my essay! Yipeeeee". Upon finishing the essay, I wanted to double check the word limit, and that was the crucial moment that my morning went downhill. Turns out I had written my essay, due in three days and worth 40% of my overall mark, ON A CRUSADE WHICH WASN'T ON THE LIST OF ESSAY TOPICS TO CHOOSE FROM. 
Yes, my friend. I had written 1500 words for nothing! But wait-there's more! The phone rings as I'm banging my head on the table, wallowing at my faliure to be organised, and I run to pick it up thinking it'll save me from my misery. I answer the phone to find out that it's my university. "Is this Chloe?" they ask. "Yes, that's me..?" I reply, while my head is swarming with ideas as to why the university would be calling me. Did I win a huge scholarship? Do they want me to fly all around Europe to show how amazingly brilliant and insanely hilarious I am? Did they call to say that the Fifth Crusade was accidently left off the list of essay topics, but it's actually an option and thus my 1500 words wasn't a big fat waste of time? "Chloe...we've been trying to call your mobile but you haven't need to bring in your tax file number by 5pm or we're going to have to cancel your enrolment". Yes, you read that right. Cancel my university enrolment. To get an idea of my reaction to this statement, click here.  I needed to bring in the tax file number...WHICH I HAD LOST! For about 2 hours I was running like a cow on crack around my house, emptying desk drawers and even going through every item of my wardrobe in the hope of finding the piece of paper. I found it. Handing it in to the university student centre was like the scene near the end of the Shawshank Redemption where he's running in the rain.

On a more positive note:
1. I got a job interview to tutor HSC English at a coaching college which will be a good source of money if I get it! Yipeee for potential employment and hello wasting money on material goods + saving for Europe!
2. Now I don't usually promote blogs on here, but my friend Alisha's is an exception. She is literally one of the most HILARIOUS people I know, and her antics never fail to whack a smile on my dial. She's just starting up her blog and has (finally) published her first ever post, so click here to read it! I've put her blog on my Blog List on the left hand side of this page so you don't have an excuse not to read it. Enough said.
3. I've actually got a really weird addiction to borrowing library books. Over the three few days I have literally borrowed FIFTEEN books from my university library...I think I need professional help with this addiction.
4. Saw the ad for Titanic 3D. Three dimensional Jack Dawson. Need I say more?
5. I have once again absolutely fallen in love with a song. It's called Where is My Mind, by Sunday Girl. Whenever I listen to it, it just makes me thing of wandering late at night and dreaming. Please excuse my sad attempt at penning my thoughts. If you haven't been turned off by my pathetic attempt at describing it, click here to hear it!

I am now off to cry at the fact that I have to write another essay on the Crusades. Hopefully I'll get it right this time *facepalm* 
Chloe X