Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So writing this post is a new experience, because the format of my Blogspot dashboard has been 'updated'. Since I'm not technologically savvy like the majority of my generation, bear with me whilst I try to navigate my way around. The new format is so weird I don't even know how to make a title for this post...this is a learning experience for both of us (a learning experience that may or may not take a couple of weeks....).

You may not believe this, but I survived those two assignments. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. I honestly didn't think that I'd be able to write a new essay on a Crusade that was ACTUALLY ONE OF THE ESSAY OPTIONS (I still can't get over my idiocy), but I managed to do it. However, in order to do so, I had to sacrifice going to a friend's party and the rest of my weekend. It kind of felt like my HSC year all over again (bad memories..baaaaad memories). With those assignments out of the way, I basically have no work to do, with the exception of an Archaeology essay which I'm naturally avoiding. Since handing in those two assignments, I've basically moved into the two bars at my university. On one occasion they were playing Friends on the big screen. I love university....

Tomorrow morning I'm running away with my family to Broulee, minus the running away part. We're driving down for Easter, but no need to have a psycho emotional breakdown at the thought of my absence-I'll be back on Monday afternoon. Broulee is literally one of my favourite places on Earth, and it especially always beautiful at this time of year. I won't blab on about how amazing/gorgeous/refreshing it is, because I always write about it on this blog when I'm going down there/have just been down there. I won't bore you with my sad attempts at describing how wonderful it is, but I will tell you that you should all go there once in your life. If you don't live in Australia, then I suggest that you click cross on this webpage, run to your car (or get your parents to drive you), and drive to the airport to hop on the next flight. I'm joking...but know what to do. I am now off to do some readings for my Archaeology and then head off to university. There are a couple of gatherings for different societies this afternoon, so that's where I'll be (naturally taking exploiting the free drinks/pizza). 

So long, cyber peeps. I hope you all have amazingly amazing Easters and that you don't overdose on chocolate, because if you did, then who would I be able to rant about my life to on this blog?

ChlobeWan x

P.s. I chipped my tooth in my sleep last night. I'm really normal.