Thursday, April 5, 2012

One last thing before I run away down the coast

I was sitting in the library today (yes, I know I'm cool), and as a means of escaping the readings I had to do for Archaeology, I decided to log into my old Hotmail account with 4000 unread emails. Turns out it was the best procrastination ever! Apart from TONNES of spam (I won six million pounds in five different emails...I refuse to believe this is a scam), I stumbled across some awesome/hilarious emails. Not only were there some from you guys (I replied-sorry if it was a year/couple of months overdue!) which were absolutely awesome to read, but I also went all the way back in my sent items to emails I had sent when I first created the account (I was thirteen). I came across one particular email that I sent to my favourite band back then, One Night Only, that was so funny I nearly cried. And I wondered why they never replied...Here is what I wrote:

yeah hi im chloe and im australian
i live in sydney which is ok
u shuld come here
Wasn't I the coolest tween EVER? What an imaginative and captivating piece of fan mail. I should really just win the Nobel Prize for Literature.