Sunday, April 15, 2012

The one where she fangirls like she's thirteen years old..

So I know I said that I got back from the South Coast last Monday, and I know I said I'd update when I got back. I have one reason to explain my absence for the past week. I met One Direction. If you could not give two rats about them, and would rather watch two slugs hump each other than read about me meeting the sex gods that are One Direction, I suggest you click cross on this page and return to my blog tomorrow where I will be discussing my wish to make frolicking an official Olympic sport.

It all began when they arrived in Sydney on Tuesday, and we worked out which hotel they were staying at. I got there in the afternoon to find about 200 fangirls lurking outside the hotel and screaming like newborn babies everytime a figure appeared at a window. Phoebe and I knew that they wouldn't be coming outside because it was so crazy, so we initiated our mission to get inside the hotel. We tried entering the hotel pretending we were going to the hotel bar (they told us that they were currently only letting in residents), tried getting through the employee's entry, tried the fire exit, and ran down the hotel driveway until a guy shouted "GET OUT OR I'LL CALL THE POLICE". Being the non-rebellious person I am, I ran out of that driveway faster than Jessica Watson runs to the spotlight. That afternoon was pretty much a fail, and we left very disappointed and very freezing (I caught a cold and fainted the next morning...true story. #secretlifeofafangirl).

On Thursday night, Phoebe and I were on a train into the city to meet two friends at One Direction's hotel. I was on Twitter (Yes, I know I'm lame. I Tweet. What of it), and everyone was saying that One Direction were climbing the Harbour Bridge. I kept scrolling down, when I saw one lone tweet that said "Lol at everyone saying that they're climbing the Bridge...I'm outside Hordon Pavilion and they're rehearsing!". I didn't know whether to believe it or not, but after a short panicked conversation with Phoebe, we decided it was a major case of YOLO (You Only Live Once), and we jumped of at the next station and literally legged it to Hordon Pavilion. IT TURNS OUT THE GIRL WASN'T LYING! We heard the entire soundcheck, and what made it even better was that the boys were mucking around and changing the lyrics to stuff like "I'll slap you with my dick". There were about 100 girls there when we arrived, but as time passed everyone started going home. It was getting really late and we were going to leave and go to the hotel, as the boys would just get into the awaiting van and drive there anyway. But at 10.30pm, my life was made.

 One Direction literally just walked out of Hordon and came and started talking to the small number of fans that were left! Phoebe was talking to Niall (she told him to come to the Irish pub in the Rocks with us and he said yes...even though he didn't mean it I can't get over that!), and I was talking to Harry who without make up literally just looks like a normal teenage guy. I told him to come out clubbing with us, and he laughed and said he was being forced to go back to the hotel and sleep because they're "working tomorrow". I didn't even notice what he said, because my internal organs had died at the fact that I made Harry laugh.  I took some photos, got him to sign my hand, cringed at the 14 year old who screamed at him "HARRY WILL YOUUU DEFLOWER ME" and then they left. We hopped into our friend's car and followed their van all the way to the hotel, blasting their music along the way, and they just went straight inside! I felt a bit bad for the fans who had been waiting outside the hotel in the cold thinking that they were climbing the Harbour Bridge... but nothing could really burst my bubble of happiness because I had officially met my future husband. And his writing is on my hand.

The End.