Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've noticed that I have a really odd habit of writing lists for everything. I can't tell whether it's some form of OCD or because I have a terrible memory (my memory is pretty much the same as Dory's in Finding Nemo). I write To-Do Lists, special edition To-Do lists, lists of things to buy, lists of things to tell different people, lists of books to borrow at the Uni library, lists of places I want to go, lists of songs that I hear on the radio that I want to download, and lists of things to write on this blog. Since I haven't blogged properly for a week (I blame university), here is the happenings of my past week.

1. I drank SO much coffee last Tuesday that during a tutorial, I was certain that a sign on the wall said 'White board penis' rather than 'white board pen'. I sat there giggling to myself like a true coffee addict.
2. I KIND OF GOT A JOB! It's pretty cool, too. Well cool if you like Justin Bieber, which I'm sure the majority of you don't. But I'm going to tell you the tale of getting my job regardless. I saw an advertisement on a careers website to work in Myer at the launch of Justin Bieber's new perfume (which goes for six weeks), and I applied thinking that it'd be fun way to earn some cash. On Thursday morning I got a job interview for THAT AFTERNOON, which meant that I had fifteen minutes to RUN from uni to the office. I had to get changed as fast as I could in the toilets at uni, and as I was running out I wacked my hip on the hand-dryer and now have a nice scar/bruise. Getting the bruise was worth it though, because I GOT THE JOB! The awkwardest thing happened at the job interview though-In front of an entire boardroom of people, I was asked to describe what the perfume smells like. The awkward part is that I've never smelt it,  and went on to make up the smell of the scent on the spot. I said "Hmm...the scent is slightly musky, not too citrusy and has a feminine and girly tone". I must have said something right because I got the job!
3. Yesterday I helped my Mum out at a second-hand book stall at a local art and craft show. When I was helping packing up, I came across an 80s movie called 'Pretty in Pink'. I watched it last night and it is now officially one of my favourite movies. It made my cry. Yes, and 80's flick made me cry. Such a great film! You should all watch it.
4. I absolutely love the song Taylor Swift wrote for The Hunger Games. I haven't read the book/seen the film, but it's such a beautiful song! Click here to hear it. 
5. I cannot WAIT for The Carrie Diaries to come out on TV. I am a huge Sex and the City fan, and this new prequel series looks so great! AnnaSophia Robb is going to make such a great young version of Carrie!
6. Yesterday I realised that my Media and History essays that I thought were due in two weeks are actually due NEXT WEEK. This week I am literally becoming a hermit. Not going to be fun.

Until next time,
ChlobeWan xx