Saturday, March 24, 2012


A mega-post is coming up tomorrow. Prepare thyself for awesomeness.
In the mean time, appreciate this photo (if you will) that I took of Phoebe this evening whilst we were relaxing at the golf course at the bottom of my street (my new favourite place). I go there every afternoon now at dusk because:
1. The sky is so beautiful. It's like a screensaver you'd find on a Mac.
2. Everything is silent except for the birds and the wind (I should really just become a full time poet...).
3. The grass is quite nice to sprawl out on. It's almost like an organic mattress of sorts. 
4. I can kind of just go down there to think about things. Contemplate. Ponder. Any other synonym for 'think'. Except when Phoebe comes, because we just end up talking about Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey. 
In the picture I took, Phoebe is running after our dog Daisy, who shortly after the picture was taken, jumped into a nice bath of mud. Mum wasn't very pleased to see that her caramel dog returned as a lump of dirt.