Friday, March 16, 2012


I am not lying when I tell you that I have been catching up on reading for the Middle Ages (the unit I'm currently doing for History) since 3pm this afternoon. It is now 8.42pm, despite what the confused time will tell you at the bottom of this post (usually a couple of hours off. I am yet to work out how to alter the time-zone!). Everything is the Middle Ages and nothing hurts. Except my head. It feels as though someone has filled it with water and it is now full, but they're still trying to pour more water in (why aren't I a poet....?!). I've only got 10 more pages to go before I'm up to date, and then can finally rest my head and go to sleep. To celebrate, I'll write a mega-post tomorrow morning. You heard it right. A MEGA POST. A bajillion words and all. Oh deary me..I am so tired that I should really publish this post and get back to work before my head hits my desk and my eyelids superglue shut.

The only thing getting me through the million pages on the Middle Ages (I really do love that rhyme) is the song Love Like a Sunset by Phoenix, which I've had on repeat for a very, very long time! Phoenix really is a genre of its own. Click here to hear the song (only after you put in your head-phones and turn your volume up full blast. Trust me-it'll be worth it!). Be sure to listen to the whole thing! It just gets better and better. Best study music in the history of life. It's just so beautiful!