Saturday, March 17, 2012

The one where she wants to go to Cairo...

So I'm basically drowning under university work. I know I shouldn't be complaining-I'm only at uni for 12 hours a week (Oh the hard life of being an arts student), but the amount of readings I have to do is doing my head in! That said, the week that has just passed (my second week of uni), was very enjoyable. In my Media lecture we watched clips from Friends and The Simpsons to help us understand the theory that we're learning! I also had my first Media tutorial, where to my absolute joy I walked in to discover that my tutor is our lecturer (who is insanely awesome), and my Archaeology tutorial took place in the University's museum, where our tutor told us fascinating stories about the Mummies in the museum. I found it so interesting that I forced two friends to come to the museum with me the following day so I could play tour guide and tell them the stories (why am I so cool...). I then finished off the day drinking cider on the lawns outside one of the uni pubs as the sun set=very happy Chloe. I was at the bar to meet the people from my university's radio group, and they were a really cool bunch of people, one of whom was a British guy on exchange from London who shares my love for Nick Grimshaw.

-Why did I chose the Crusades as my essay topic for History when I know absolutely nothing about them? I tried reading the Wikipedia page for them but even the complexity of that nearly melted my eyes and made a stir-fry out of my brain
-I'm going through a phase where I really want to travel to Cairo. I'm just so fascinated by Ancient Egypt, and to see the pyramids in reality would be mind-blowing. Shame I don't have a job and have an addiction to coffee...the only place where I'll be travelling for the next few years is to uni and Edmunds and Greer!
-This cold weather is making me a very happy teenager. Perfect weather for drinking coffee (and Irish Breakfast Tea), and it also provides the perfect excuse to rock my awesome Angry Birds slippers. What of it.
-I heard that Coldplay are touring Australia at some point in the near future. I'm. So. There. (Again, I'm currently broke, so if you have a strange urge to buy me a ticket, go ahead! I'll repay you in a nice Chloe hug)
-Phoebe and I are totally going to try out for the next Australian Amazing Race. Totally prepared to risk public humiliation for free travel!
-I'm currently brainstorming epic April Fools Day ideas. They are epically epic.
-Phoebe has to do a presentation for law on Monday, and she's 'presented' it to me so many times that I feel as though I could get up there on Monday and do it pretending to be her.
-I'm seeing one of my friends who lives in LA on Monday and I CANNOT WAIT!

I am now off to babysit. Yeah, I'm so cool that I babysit on a Saturday night. Boys, one at a time please.

Chloe Xx