Thursday, June 28, 2012


This is Chloe speaking. Chloe, who has kinda sorta actually kinda like finally FINISHED HER FIRST SET OF UNI EXAMS. I had my last exam yesterday afternoon, and after it had finished jumped on a train and headed off to babysit FOUR boys. We had a pretty intense game of murder in the dark. Except the part where I smacked my knee on the corner of a timber table and had to act cool and collected. Doing so was probably harder than my exam.

I cannot believe that Semester One of university is over. It was SUCH a big step in my life, and so many things have changed that it's hard to comprehend that I have only been at uni for one semester. I am actually in love with my uni, have met some absolutely INCREDIBLE people, have actually ENJOYED studying my different units (just ignore my rants about the subjects), got an internship when I wasn't expecting to get one for a couple of years, have a radio show lined up for next semester, and have just had a really lovely time embracing university life. As much as I'm going to enjoy these holidays, I cannot wait for the second semester-I'm picking up my second media subject, am studying the Renaissance (I currently don't know anything about it so it'll be interesting), and Marketing (random decision but the senior units are amazing). Woooo!

1. I watched the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. I have no words. Except for the fact that Matthew Crawley is my future husband. The fact that he is fictional is completely irrelevant.
2. Johnney Depp is single. I feel stressed knowing that he's single and roaming around the other side of the Earth, and I'm here sitting at my computer not doing anything about it. Let's just forget that his daughter is only a couple of years younger than me. And the fact that he's older than both my parents.
3. I am completely obsessed with Missy Higgin's beautiful song 'Everyone's Waiting'. It is so amazingly amazing that I get goosebumps every time I listen to it! Also, Muse has released a song that's going to be the official song of the London Olympics, and to be honest, I don't really know what to think of it! Click here to hear it.
4. I'm SO excited because I'm running away once again to Broulee for a week of these holidays with Phoebe and Eleni (click here for her blog). Just incase you missed my million other posts on the wonderous place that is Broulee, all you need to know that it is DEFINITELY my 'happy place'. I also find it all the more beautiful in Winter, because it's just the escape you need. It's only a couple hours away from Sydney, but it literally feels as though you're somewhere far, far, FAR away. Cannot wait! Prepare for a barrage of photos upon my return.
5. This week involves lying around doing absolutely nothing, with a bit of partying and Downton Abbey in between.