Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sorry to disappoint...

But I DO NOT have a major crush/am in love with Fred Niles. This won't mean anything to you if you didn't catch the post on this blog that Phoebe wrote when she hacked it (before I deleted it an hour later), but for those we were (un)lucky enough to read it, I am here to say that:
a) I do not go for older men
b) I do not go for leaders of the Christian Democrats
c) I do not trawl the 'Fred Niles' tag on Tumblr all day

In other news, I have spent the last two days enjoying doing absolutely NOTHING. I have really, really missed being a full-time bum. I've slept in until 9.30am both days (that's a record sleep in for me-I usually wake up at 6.30), and have enjoyed spending the days watching Pride and Prejudice (the one and only BBC version), spending too much time at Edmunds and Greer (I swear they're going to stop letting me in), getting overly excited at the fact that I successfully converted Eleni to Downton Abbey (welcome to the dark side), and not exercising (making my days all the more better).

I am now moving on to my rant for the day. In the town where I live you will find three major things:
1. Spoodle dogs
2. Old people
3. Cyclists
My rant for today centres on the latter of these three things. Cyclists. I don't even know where to begin. I know that cycling is healthy for you (I should try doing it sometime..nah), it helps prevent global warming, and that it helps with the traffic. BUT THEY MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL TO A DEGREE HOTTER THAN JOHNNEY DEPP. They think they OWN THE ROADS, that they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT ON SAID ROADS BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT REGISTERED SO I CAN'T REPORT THEM, they take up EVERY SINGLE SEAT at Edmunds and Greer and nearby cafes on Sunday mornings, and they fail to realise that bikes ARE NOT cars and shouldn't act like they're top of the food chain. The worst part is that in my area they travel around in packs wearing matching tshirts with the 'logos' of their cycling groups, so I'll be walking down a road to see a stampede of bike riders forming in the distance. It's like a horror movie.
I think Hitler sums up this rant pretty well. Shane Warne speaks the truth. (I actually nearly died laughing at this video. Watch the whole thing if you haven't seen it).