Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here comes the sun (do do do do)

So it's the 26th of August...which means that it's nearly September...which means that IT IS NEARLY SPRING. Spring is by far my favourite of the four seasons due to fundamental reasons:
A) The warmth. It's not insanely, disgustingly hot like Summer, but just warm enough to wear summery clothes and feel comfortable.
B) The smell of the flowers. When I was babysitting yesterday morning, I took the little girl for a walk in the sun and we picked two bouquets of flowers which SMELT AMAZING. They looked amazing too. I was a little bit too keen on getting great photos of them for Instagram when we got back to the much so that I didn't even notice that she was putting lip gloss on her teeth.
C) The metaphorical meaning (if you could call it that). Freshness, regrowth (not of the dyed-hair type) and happiness (that's not a metaphorical meaning but Spring makes me happy so I just wrote it. FORGIVE ME). I don't think this reason really makes much sense, but you can't just have A and B without a C.

I've been pretty busy for the past week. The other day I was trying to figure out HOW I AM ALWAYS BUSY when I'm only at university 14 hours a week? I guess once you throw work, homework, the radio show, stalking the Game of Thrones cast, bleeding my little heart out into my journal and interning into the picture, my free time becomes the size of a 5 cent coin. That said, whenever I schedule time to do homework I end up socialising. Both in real life and on Facebook. And Instagram. I heart Instagram.

1. Successfully completed my first radio show with Alisha. Despite working out what we were going to do on the show in the hour before-hand, it went really smoothly. I always knew that it was going to be fun, but boy did the time fly! The two hours went by way too quickly. All of you should like the Facebook page (, and tune in for the show this week!
2. The book that we have to read in my journalism unit, The Universal Journalist, arrived in the mail on Monday. I started reading it on Tuesday and finished the entire thing. It. Is. So. Good. If you're studying/interested in journalism BUY IT NOW. Please take notice of the sense of urgency that those capital letters exert. I don't plan on being a journalist, but after reading that book I found myself typing a way at an article during my Marketing lecture. Very motivating!
3. When the weather first started to warm up this week, I threw on some yellow nail polish to celebrate. That nail polish had been sitting on my desk for two months after I randomly bought it for $2. Let's just say that it is the first cheap nail polish I have ever bought that looks cheaper than how much I bought it for.
4. I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO PASSION PIT'S NEW ALBUM. I've literally had it on repeat for the past 168 hours. Carried Away never fails to lift my mood. I've posted it below so it can lift your mood too (if the warm weather hasn't done so already). It has got one of those choruses that when you're listening to it full blast you can't help but do a special dance like the guy in this video [click here]. Or like this girl [click here]