Monday, August 20, 2012

I have no words....

...apart from the fact that the video that I have posted below is by far the most relaxing thing I have ever listened to/experienced in the entire duration of my existence. Don't take notice of weird-ass name 'Relaxing Make Up Artist Role-Play' that sounds more like a porno than a relaxation video.  When the video was first linked me to it I was just as cynical as you, BUT then I put in my headphones...sat on my bed...and before I knew it the video was over and I was more relaxed than a sloth in a hammock in Hawaii. I'm not joking when I say PUT IN those headphones, GET LYING on your bed, PRESS PLAY to this video and GET RELAXED!

Also, my radio show with my friend Alisha (click here for her blog) starts tomorrow! Tune in to SURG FM from 4-6 tomorrow (Tuesday) to experience our hilariously witty banter that is essentially music/sex to your ears. When we make our show's Facebook page tonight, I'll post it here along with a link to listen to our show on the internet! Very excited.