Sunday, August 19, 2012


I have made the title of this post 'Amazingness' for two significant reasons:
1) On the way to Edmunds and Greer this morning with Phoebe (I POWER WALKED there to buy my coffee. Kudos to me and my seemingly amazing exercise habits), an elderly man DIPPED HIS HAT AT US and said 'Good morning ladies' with a smile. So adorable. I had the biggest smile on my face long after I had finished that coffee! Nothing quite beats old fashioned manners.
2) The cover of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know' that I've posted below is the epitome of amazingness. I've had it on repeat whilst attempting to battle my way through the copious amount of reading for Renaissance. The cover is perfect for a Sunday afternoon! Get listening. Oh, and please ignore the fact that the YouTube channel that uploaded this video is called 'EmotionalMusicTV'. No, I don't spend my days listening to that channel whilst crying and eating ice cream-it was the first video of the cover that came up! That said, who doesn't love a good old wallow under your covers while listening to Adele? Everyone should be entitled to a classic Adele wallow.