Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sorry, what?

While interning the other day, I was trawling the internet conducting some research on some clothing brands, during which I stumbled across some images which made my blood boil to a degree even hotter than Harry Lloyd (the 1800BABE from Game of Thrones). It was the new '8Fourteen' range avaliable at Witchery. In marketing last week we were looking at complaints regarding Target's 'skanky' clothes for 8-14 year olds, however it wasn't the actual design of the clothes in the Witchery range that made me particularly angry. It was the look of the girls modelling them. Not only do they all look many, many years older than their actual age (I don't think any of them are older than 13), but the girl in the middle looks like she could be 18. They're probably still in primary school for goodness sake! Let them be kids! When I was that age I was too scared to kiss a boy in the fear of getting a life-threatening disease, jamming to SCLUB7, and learning my two times tables. How much of an 'It Girl' can you be at 12 years old!? And SMILE GIRL! Stop with the pout! What have you got to frown about at your age? Not being able to find the perfect dress to your year 6 farewell?

In other news, HOW INSANELY EPIC WAS THE OLYMPICS CLOSING CEREMONY? If you pretend that the randomly pointless 'supermodel' segment never happened, then it was literally perfect. Muse owned that stadium, and the Spice Girls completely and utterly won me over. I'm currently suffering from Post-Olympics Depression. HOW am I going to survive my mornings without my daily Olympic catch-ups on TV over coffee? Life goes on, I guess. Hoping to actually be at the Rio Olympics, so I better start saving!