Saturday, August 11, 2012


While shopping on Friday, my eyes fell on something which nearly made me spit my coffee out (and it was an amazing coffee so that's really saying something). "What was it?" You're probably thinking. "Fifty Shades of Grey? Crocs? A former Hi-5 member on the cover of Zoo Magazine?". I can confirm that the item is far worse than any of the things listed. Sneaker wedges.

They were actually at every single shoe store I went to. They were everywhere, basking in their heeled-gym shoe glory. Not only are they ugly as hell, HOW are they practical in any way? Are you going to wear them to the gym? No. Are you going to wear them out to socialise? No. Are you going to wear them IN PUBLIC!? If you were going to answer yes to that question, I recommend that you seek professional help. Pronto.

I returned home and Googled "Fugliest shoes ever" to seek more information on the weirdness that are these new styles of shoe. They didn't come up in that search, so I tried "sneaker wedges". To my horror, MTV Style has named them the "It Shoe of the Season", and apparently Beyonce is their number one fan. I guess motherhood affects you in more ways than one.