Saturday, August 4, 2012

Musical-esque-post-don't know where I'm going with this blog post title

This past week has been insanely busy, hence the lack of any sort of random videos/photos/music/text. I have finished my first week back at university (minus tutorials), and as much as it hurts me to say this...I AM ALREADY BEHIND. I left it until Friday to buy all of my textbooks and readers, and to my horror the two books that I really needed for journalism were sold out at the university bookshop. I then trekked it into the city and literally went to every single bookshop I could find, all of which had sold out of the books too. I have now resorted to buying them online, which is going against every single moral and value I have regarding the purchasing of books. I am now re-evaluating my life. 

-Listening to a lot of music (hence my attempted 'Musical' blog post title). I'm talking Two Door Cinema Club and General Fiasco's new albums, Temper Trap (I know I'm 848230578 years late but WHO CARES THEIR MUSIC IS PHENOMENAL and I'm seeing them support Coldplay YIPEE), and Ed Sheeran...I spent two nights in bed listening to his music wallowing at the fact that I missed out on tickets to his concert. 
-Watching the Olympics. I'm not really the type who watches a lot of sport on TV (I stick to quality TV like Being Lara Bingle and Masterchef), but I am actually hooked on the Olympics. My favourite events to watch are definitely the gymnastics and the athletics now it's started...let's just pretend for the sake of this post that Australia isn't experiencing a 'flop' of an Olympics. 
-Enjoying the warm-ish weather (by Winter standards). Despite everyone around me still wearing jumpers and scarves, I've spent the past three days walking around in dresses and sandals in an attempt to embrace this warm weather while it lasts! Warm weather definitely has an impact on my mood-just having the temperature raise itself a couple of degrees resulted in me becoming multiple degrees happier (that sentence doesn't make sense does it? Oh well). 
-Had an AWESOME day interning on Friday. I got given a creative task to spend the whole day on and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I can't talk about in detail (I cannot help but feel special saying that...kind of like a spy in the FBI), but let's just say that I got to help brainstorm potential names for a new product! So. Cool. 
-Dying my hair. It is now kind of chocolate brown again. It's actually pretty funny because whenever I die my hair darker, I have about 570000x more blonde moments then I have when I'm actually blonde. I'm weird like dat bro. Wot of eet. 
-Reading The Hobbit. On Monday I had the life-changing realisation that I've all but stopped reading fiction, so I sprinted to Dad's bookshelf and ripped the Hobbit out of it's cosy cave on the bottom shelf. I'll let you know my verdict once I've finished (which probably won't be for a while when I remember all the uni readings I am yet to do...).

For those who care about my ever-changing taste in music, below I've posted my favourite Temper Trap song as well as my favourite Two Door Cinema track off their new album. Enjoy!