Monday, July 30, 2012

No Moet, no goet

So the holidays have officially ended, and I can confirm that they ended with a bang. A literal bang. On Sunday, the final day of holidays, I went along to the Christening and 1st birthday of Dad's cousin's child. You're probably thinking "how is that exciting in any way?!". Well, my friend. Phoebe and I were the first people to walk outside upon arriving at the 1st birthday party...and what did we see? Bottles and bottles of Moet. I FINALLY got to have my (much fantasised about) glass (es) of Moet. Consider life made.

That isn't the end of the story though. It only gets better. You see, Phoebe needed to use the bathroom so we wandered into the house...and five minutes later Phoebe was locked in the bathroom. An hour later, she was still locked in the bathroom. An hour after that and she remained locked in the bathroom. This is where the 'bang' comes in-15 men in suits were trying to get her out, trying everything from credit cards and pliers to screwdrivers (they took the entire handle off). After two hours, the crow-bar came out. Yes, you read that right. They had literally resorted to either smashing the window of forcing the door open with a crow-bar. By this time there was a crowd of about 20 spectators, all waiting for the 'big rescue'. Just as they were about to break down the extremely expensive door, someone thought of bringing in an "emergency locksmith". Forty minutes and $200 later, Phoebe was free. She can never pay me out for my embarrassing moments ever again. Toilet Girl.

Yesterday was my first day back at uni, and it was only when I set foot on campus that I realised how much I had missed it (more specifically, hot chips from Manning Bar). I had my first Renaissance lecture which was really enjoyable, despite making myself look like the biggest idiot when I realised that Leonardo Da Vinci kind of painted the Mona Lisa. After that I had an intense catch-up session at the uni bar, and then wandered to my first journalism lecture which was insanely awesome! I have never been more excited about studying a subject, and our lecturer used to work at the New York Times (I fangirled a little). It's nice to finally be studying something in Media that's practical!

To top off an awesome day, I went for dinner with friends from high school to celebrate an eighteenth birthday [HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL! ^.^] at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant...all I can say is that HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE!? The atmosphere was awesome, the waiters look like Italian models and the food was DELICIOUS. It was just so lovely catching up with all of my friends too-I haven't laughed so hard in ages!

I am now off to have a bath, eat chocolate mousse, and freak out over the fact that Ed Sheeran is on the same continent as me.

Talk soon,