Thursday, September 6, 2012


This sudden warm weather has made my happiness levels sky-rocket. To celebrate, Eleni and I undertook a much needed shopping expedition to the shopping centre near uni to stock up on some summer clothes. It turns out that shopping as a pair proved to be quite the money saver-there were tonnes of '2 for [insert price]' sales. Winning. Charlie Sheen style. Next step is NEW BIKINI which I am hoping to get this weekend, in time for our planned adventure to the beach next Wednesday night where we will sip some cider as the sun sets. If you can't tell from this paragraph, I am most definitely a Spring and Summer gal. AND PROUD OF IT.

This past week has been pretty chaotic. I know I always say that, but I preach tha truth sista. I got in the last of my media assignments (for a while) which nearly killed me (I'm never touching the Australian Film Industry ever again). Also, over the past few days I have been busy campaigning for VOICE (for SRC) and JAM (aspiring editors of Honi Soit-our student paper). So yeah, basically I'm a walking advertisement wearing their respective T-Shirts (on different days, of course), and just being all round awesome so people see me prancing around and think "DAYUM SHE IS SO COOL I'M SO VOTING FOR VOICE AND JAM WHERE IS THIS VOTING BOOTH???!!!!!!".

Radio show is going super duperly awesome. Last week we had TWO callers to weigh in on our random debates! All of you should call up next week and make me even more happy. Like our show's page here.
-Warm weather
-Michelle Obama's kick-ass speech at the Democrat's convention. It was so incredibly inspiring! Click here to watch it.
-I bought a dress I had been eyeing for months on sale for $10!
-Warm weather
-I finally decided my essay topic for my Renaissance assessment. TIME TO GET CRACKING.
-The next season is Summer
-Lots of other things, including gradually becoming less attached to my Blackberry, being hooked on Puberty Blues (best show ever), having my first Easyway since the end of year 12, certain people (wink wink), coffee beans, power smoothies from my new favourite hipster cafe near uni, Muse's new album coming out next month, Two Door Cinema Club touring at the end of the year, and FINALLY being on top of Marketing..I never thought I'd see the day.

I am now off to listen to Passion Pit's new album for the 56983405982390423th time (I need an intervention people) and study a bit of Marketing. Then go to sleep in my SUMMER onsie know...THE WEATHER IS WARM