Saturday, September 1, 2012


Dear Technology (Samsung Laptops and Apple's Macs in particular),

It's Chloe here. You know, that girl whose life you make hell for laughs. That girl who you made have a mother of all meltdowns when she couldn't upload her journalism assignment onto the university's intranet on Wednesday night. Did seeing me cry bring warmth to your heart? Also, did you get a huge amount of satisfaction from putting up the infamous 'spinning rainbow of death' when I was working on my other media assignment on my Mac and hadn't saved any of my changes? Did you feel absolute joy when you didn't save any of my footnotes for my industry report, meaning I had to go through every single one of my books/journal articles to re-find all of the sentences I referenced? I hope it made you really, really happy. As in like OMG ROFLLFJSDIOFJSDIOFJDIOS HSHFSUIODHAHAHA happy. Because believe me, I didn't see the funny side and boy did I wish I did! I REALLY WISH I COULD BE AS FUNNY AS YOU!!??!/!/!/?/

I don't understand what I ever did to make you hate me like you do. I understand why Samsung (laptop) hates me, because hey, I wouldn't want to be dropped on concrete either. Or have coffee spilt on me and have my owner lick it off because she doesn't want to see it wasted.  But Mac-I feel betrayed. I thought we really did have a great relationship. I guess now you're just somebody that I used to know.