Thursday, November 22, 2012


So my first year of university has officially come to a close, and holidays have officially arrived. The best part about exams finishing was the fact that I thought that the final exam would be the death of me, and it didn't turn out to be that bad. WOOT.

This year went so fast, but somehow I managed to do SO MANY THINGS. I absolutely love my university-I actually could not imagine myself anywhere else. It's so beautiful and it just has such a FANTASTIC vibe. Its prettiness doesn't hurt either. I love my course, loved having a radio show, loved campaigning and getting involved in the elections, loved interning, and met SO many new people both within uni and outside of it, many of whom I know I'll be friends with for life!

So yeah, now I'm on holidays. I finished on Wednesday afternoon, went for celebratory hot chips and cider at Manning with media friends, and then yesterday HAD TRAINING FOR GENERAL PANTS FROM 9-5! It was a long day, but at least it was fun AND paid ;). Today is my first proper full day of relaxing, so I'm off for brunch with a friend, then chilling for the rest of the day before going out for dinner. I'VE MISSED THIS STRESS-FREE LIFEEE!

I am now off to go for a run with my dog, because the start of holidays means the start of CHLOE BEING HEALTHY! For the sake of this healthy-program, pretend that I didn't just have a couple of white chocolate cookies for breakfast.

Hope you all are splendid,