Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012: The year that was

On the final page of my diary for last year, I had written 2012 IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER! Little did I know that it was going to be just that, and maybe even a little bit more. This year has undeniably been the best of my life thus far.

First and foremost, I was thrown out of high school and into university, and unsure of whether I'd enjoy it or not. Fast-forward two semesters and I am absolutely in love with my uni and am really enjoying my course. One of my new year's resolutions was to get involved with uni life, and I feel as though having the opportunity to co-host a weekly radio show really ticks that box! I was given so many amazing opportunities that I am SO thankful for, and I feel so incredibly happy that I made the right decision in terms of universities/courses, especially when making the decision was a difficult one. Also, my awesome new friends aren't too bad either ;)

Another new year's resolution was to achieve something this year that I should be really proud of. Getting the internship at McCann in my first semester was SUCH an amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful for my six months there. It is without a doubt the thing I am most proud of this year, and it undoubtedly gave me an INSANE amount of direction in terms of future careers.

1. Having an amazing family who continue to love and support me in all that I do
2. Relaxing getaways to Broulee
3. Getting an awesome job at General Pants
4. Being very satisfied with my university results
6. Five perfect months together with an equally perfect individual, with whom MANY of the best moments of the year were shared with. I love having someone in my life like him who makes me SO incredibly happy....and giggle a shocking amount!
7. Got my L's (another new year resolution)
8. Random night meeting One Direction (yes, I'm over them BUT IT WAS FUN/COOL OK?? Plz don't judge)
9. Turning 18 and having an awesome surprise party. Being 18 has made me feel more like an adult, but I realised I haven't matured that much when I found myself out for dinner last night making walrus teeth with my chopsticks
10. Surviving the apocalypse
11. Having one of my oldest friends MOVE TO SYDNEY!

I'd say that next year won't be able to beat this year, but throughout this year I realised that your year is truly what you make of it. When making decisions throughout 2012 I couldn't help but think back to a word of advice that Phoebe said in Friends-"It's up to you to make things happen". I like that feeling-it's so reassuring. Knowing not to be sad that a great year is nearly finished passing by, because if you throw yourself out there and MAKE things happen, then next year has the potential to be the best of your life. I hope that line from Friends will be as valuable to you next year as it was to me throughout the duration of 2012.

I hope my reflections on passing years stays like this-every year being able to say that that particular year was the best of my life.

Thanks for another year of your support,
ChlobeWan x