Monday, January 7, 2013


I looked at the date on my phone today as I rolled out of see that it is already eight days into the new year! After thinking to myself how fast the first few days of this year have gone, my next thought was "I HAVEN'T UPDATED FLOWER GIRL SINCE LAST YEAR!". I felt like a bad mother, so here I am. Lots has happened so I shall pick the best bits that will (hopefully, fingers crossed) interest you all.

1. NYE: New Years Eve for 2012 has nestled up the top of the list of my favourite NYE's ever. Phoebe, Eleni, ma boyfwend and I headed into Pyrmont to meet friends. We attempted to pack some sort of picnic-thing that consisted of champagne, cider, cheese, biscuits, a loaf of olive bread, and beach towels (we couldn't find a picnic rug so these were the next best thing). I didn't know what the view of the Harbour Bridge would be like from the park we were going to, and when we arrived I was BLOWN AWAY (half because of the view, and half because of the wind which was a constant reminder that I should have worn a jumpsuit instead of a dress). We got there in the late afternoon, and our company was so great that time FLEW and before we knew it, the 9.00pm fireworks were going off. Time flew even faster after that, and it wasn't long before it was thirty minutes until the new year, and I found myself saying goodbye to 2012. All thoughts going on in my head soon made way for excitement when the countdown started, followed by the most EPIC fireworks....and midnight kiss (I was dipped back so far that my sunnies fell off #truestory). We then hung around a bit, walked to Central Station, and headed home to snuggle up in bed for the first time in 2013.

2. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB: What can I say about this...except that it was probably one of the BEST POSSIBLE WAYS TO START 2013! We lined up to be at the front of the mosh, however greatly regretted doing so at the start of Jungle Giants (the first supporting act). There are psycho moshes, then there was this mosh. I couldn't even hear the music as I was TRYING SO HARD TO STAY ALIVE! Following this act, we danced on the edges of the mosh (where we could breath). I've never heard any music by The Vaccines before, and I was pleasantly surprised-it was really fun. Then, at 10.00pm, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB CAME ON STAGE. It was so crazy hearing live both the songs that got me through my last year of high school AND the songs from Beacon which defined my first year of university. Two Door live exceeded every single expectation and I had a BLAST. I've attached a video below of where I was (not my video though!).

3. APPLYING: I have spent the last couple of days emailing just about every single advertising agency there is in Sydney asking about internships/work experience. Fingers (and toes) crossed!

I am now sitting at home bracing myself for the heat wave that's supposed to hit Sydney in roughly thirty four minutes. It's supposed to hit 43 degrees, and this means that it is too hot to walk and get coffee #sadness. I hope you all have a splendid day, and we shall speak again soon.

Until then,
Chloe x