Saturday, June 22, 2013


I haven't had uni for about two weeks now. We have had this time off to study for 'exams'. I say that with quotation marks because I ONLY HAVE ONE EXAM! AND IT IS ONLY WORTH 20%! All that assignment torture I endured throughout the last two weeks of the semester has finally paid off, giving me the last laugh. While all my friends are studying I have been up to all sorts of shenanigans (mainly lying in bed being entertained by Amanda Byne's Twitter and listening to San Cisco). But alas! Now my exam is nearing, I have migrated back to my desk, attempted to whip myself out of holiday mode (not very successful) and slug my way through fourteen weeks of lecture notes.

Following Wednesday's exam, my plan is as follows:
1. Buy a celebratory froyo
2. See the Great Gatsby (I know, I still haven't seen it. Fitzgerald is probably frowning down at me from above)
3. Take my little brother and a couple of his friends to see The Internship (big sister brownie points ACQUIRED)
4. Go out and PARTAYYY on Friday night. This is very un-Chloe but methinks I will chuck a #YOLO and actually go out to...dare I say it...A CLUB!?
5. Sunday I am saying TODALOO to Sydney (click here for full effect) and heading off to my favourite place on Earth-Broulee. Being beach-side is absolutely PERFECT at this time of the year-I'm talking coffee on the balcony overlooking the beach and cold morning beach walks to the muffin shop-and I cannot WAIT to get out of Sydney and clear my head! Really looking forward to getting away for that week.

So now I am going to return to studying failed Fascist movements while enjoying the sound of the rain outside WHILE drinking a phenom-nomnom-enal herbal tea. I hope you are all SMASHING life/your exams and are looking forward to the holidays as much as I am!

Chloe x

I will leave you with my new favourite song: